Bring me death as I press forward against my will

Relying on the strength of others to carry the burden

One in a sea of souls fighting aimlessly to take control

In an act of rebellion against a God that abandoned us


I seek false redemption for the sins of the past

Marking my convictions abandoned centuries ago

The bird of Hermes shackles itself in waxen deformity

And so my wings are clipped in anticipation of a worthy end


No greater sin can be committed than refusing humanity

A monster that denies god, a monster of god, they’re one and the same

What separates men from the monsters is the willpower to drive them forward

The rest is just a pale façade as we try to pretend to be something that we’re not.


My enemy isn’t human; it’s something less than human

So cast me down into the dirt with the will that I discarded out of spite.


Author’s Words for Thought

“To become a monster like me, is to admit you were too weak to remain a human.” -Hellsing Ultimate