Not many people know what it’s like to fall in love with phantoms
Succumbing to madness from the fleeting echo of your silhouette
Just as my arms wrap around you in a fevered embrace
The silhouette vanishes, without a trace, like those years ago
All that’s left is to frantically grasp at your shadow
Throbbing from the emptiness that you left behind
I sit in silence, obsessively listening for a jingling of keys
But the door never opens.
I used to believe that hell was fire and brimstone
Instead it’s a cold, creeping loneliness invading the fringes of my heart
As I freeze, I scream your name, but I’m met with silence
It serves as a reminder that I’m alone
And that you were the difference between hell and home.

Author’s Words for Thought

“At least I can say I tried, to cherish every single day when I woke up and didn’t want to die. I’d work my hands down to the bone, trying to stay suspended in those specific seconds, but I know I’d just be counting down the minutes until I’m miserable again.” -Counterparts