The water cascaded down my back as steam drifted lazily in the air. Showers are always a time for personal reflection and today proved to be no different. My arms instinctively started the same routine and I began piecing together fragments of dreams left over from the evening.

All I could remember was an opaque thought pertaining to passion and how so many people stagnate in their lives. In high school we talked about our personal ambitions, racing toward them with a fervor the world had never witnessed before. Years had passed and I witnessed my peers getting married, attending college, starting new jobs, or purchasing their first home. It was an exciting time to lurk in obscurity on social media, but elation changed its form as fast as a refreshed newsfeed.

Something changed. As everyone transitioned into new stages of their lives, the passion I had witnessed years ago had dissipated like steam, with abandoned childhood dreams the toll for adulthood. People that inspired me in the past were now as mundane as the stark white walls of an infirmary. Four years of my life have been spent chasing a wild dream; there have been high and low points, but I never lost the fires that fueled my ambition. As I continue down my path, I can’t help but notice the abandoned footsteps of my generation and how dark the lonely road that lies before me is.

Author’s Words for Thought

“Record the last thing you were thinking about in the shower, no matter how dreamy or mundane.” This was a tough one to write about, mainly because I couldn’t remember what I thought about when I took a shower this morning, but this has been something that I’ve been thinking about lately as I enter the industry that I went to school for. It might be because I’m entering a new stage of my life compared to my peers, but it doesn’t seem like anyone I know is pursuing the dreams that they so animatedly talked about years ago as we entered college for the first time. People mature and change based on their experiences, but a lot of them have given up to live in complacency and it’s saddening to see that change as we embark on a lonely road.