Daily Writers Prompt: Studies have shown that thousands of personality traits can be linked to handwriting. For example, crowded letters indicate a person who has no concern for personal space. Use a handwriting sample to inspire a character sketch. 

Daily Writers Prompt: Escaping Reality Short Story

This daily writers prompt that spurred my escaping reality short story was inspired by my dad’s handwriting. Some of the details don’t pertain to him (like the drive ins and owning a 1983 pickup truck), but his handwriting was always in capital letters. They were a little sloppy, but his cursive was quite beautiful. His normal handwriting almost screamed for release or attention. Maybe even a cry for escaping reality, which he often did through drinking copious amounts of alcohol for years. While he overcame his alcoholism, my dad walked down a dark path for years. This is my interpretation of what could have transpired had he continued walking down that path.

He was a simple man, holding fast to routine and rarely deviating from the same events day in and day out. Work at the mill consumed most of the day followed by dinner, sitcoms and playing ball with his kids as the sunset pierced the corn fields and reflected off his 1983 pickup truck.

On weekends they would head into town, purchase groceries and on rare occasion check out a movie at the drive-in. It was simple life, but sometimes simplicity is gratifying in its own way.

It can also be grating on the senses, the mundane causing restlessness. As the years went on gratification was harder to come by and an escape through the bottle became the norm. Starting on weekends the habit bled into weekdays; playing ball turned into hiding from dad while he went on a three day bender, lashing out at anyone he crossed paths with.

Soon he was out of a job after an incident at the mill, reduced to feeding his addiction by selling cherished possessions and heirlooms in the house. After the third DUI his truck became caked with a new rust coat as it sat in the gravel drive, untouched as the elements grabbed hold.

Everything fell apart, but none of it mattered. Nothing mattered but escaping reality and the cumulative hangover. Or did the pain keep away the emptiness he felt from an unfulfilled life?

No one would ever know as they found his bloated neck hanging from the closet, bottle clasped tightly in bruised hands.

Daily Writers Prompt Afterword: Escaping Reality Short Story

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