Strands of golden hair flow gently in the summer breeze
With gravel and grass crunching softly underfoot
This won’t last forever, but let me capture the moment
Before she looks back at as the shutter clicks
All I can see is her silhouette in my camera lens
Eyes lost to expanses of meadows basked in moonlight

Fireflies beckon us with their small embers
She grins, taking my hand in hers as we run in the meadow
Quickly scooping them in our hands as they drift away
To think that nature could break from the confines of artifice
Beautiful in its departure from humanity

A lone pine tree stands sentinel as we stand below
Caught in an embrace as sweet as the scent of roses in the wind
Nothing could be sweeter than her as we kiss
Our worries forgotten in the woods that we stumbled from

Nature washes away our painful humanity
Baring our vulnerable souls to each other’s touch
There’s nothing left but her and I in a world lost to time
So let’s lose ourselves in one another
Before the moment is gone forever.

Author’s Words for Thought

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.”