It beckoned to him. No one else could hear it, but beautiful voices sang to him, providing levels of clarity that most can only dream of finding in their lifetime. Every motivation was centered on it; night and day blurred as calendar months turned into abstract thoughts that faded in significance.

Hunger and fatigue were secondary to its clinging addiction, sinking its hooks and claws into the rational and pleasure centers of the mind. It was a precious thing, seemingly ordinary in appearance with a faint sheen of golden light that held the power to entice anyone and anything. One of a kind, some would say. In its uniqueness came the hidden realization that it would lead to the downfall of all that would venture to find it as they became enamored.

Everyone held different ambitions; some sought to harness the magic that it held, while others viewed it as a rare possession to be locked away, except for passing moments. He wanted to be consumed in molten flame, but it was only a matter of time before it consumed him instead.


Author’s Word for Thought


“Erika Eiffel took her surname after her 2007 marriage to the Eiffel Tower. Begin a short story about someone enamored with an inanimate object or structure here.” This story took a unique turn. I wasn’t initially interested in this writing prompt, but the idea to write about a certain medieval fantasy trilogy came to mind and I decided that it fit perfectly with this writing prompt. Enjoy!