Daily Writers Prompt: Can you summon what you believe to be your earliest memory? Why do you think you remembered that of all things? 

Daily Writers Prompt: Earliest Memory Short Story

My earliest memory spans back during my time as a toddler. It’s a very brief, fleeting memory, but I remember my dad and I taking a nap on the couch with my mom cooking dinner in the kitchen adjacent to the living room. We were covered up in a Red Wings hockey blanket, television playing something I can’t recall. While my dad was sleeping I got off the couch and began walking around the house.

The room seemed massive and perfect for exploration despite taking 12 adult steps to walk from end to end. I walked beyond the living room into the hallway, which branched off into two bedrooms. At this juncture I veered left into what was my bedroom, gazing up at a crib that loomed overhead.

That’s the end of the memory, but it might have importance in symbolizing autonomy. Perhaps this was the first time I ventured away from parental supervision on my own, exploring the world around me. The house was massive in the eyes of my younger self and worth exploring. It’s interesting to look back and think of how massive everything looked with the perspective that I now have as an adult.

My perception of the world was limited but my imagination was endless, viewing everything with a strange kind of splendor that’s only possible as a child with an abstract understanding of its surroundings. By my guess I might have been 2-3 years old at that point.

Daily Writers Prompt: Earliest Memory Short Story Afterword

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