Some days I can’t help but wonder
How they would react if I ripped my mask off
To view the anguish and pain that silently screams
Piercing nothing but my own ears

So gaudy, with a painted Cheshire grin

My world is falling apart beneath the facade

I can’t help but wonder
Whether they wear masks as cloying as mine
And if they yearn to scream as loudly as I do
My hands clutch at my rib cage
Grasping desperately at an overflowing bottle of emotions
It’s seeping out, much to my chagrin

I can’t help but wonder
If it’s possible to drown in the rot that flourishes underneath
I smile as widely as ever
Even as I suffer from its embrace
Writing poems and stories about getting better
Flaunting feelings that I can’t remember
And fighting a desperate grimace
That leaks from the edges of this fucking mask.


Author’s Words for Thought

“Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is.”