I’m an invisible martyr fighting for a lost cause
So let me lose myself in the hollows of this facade

Expose me for all that I am
A charlatan staging an elaborate ruse
Appealing to the simple affections of others
I ponder whether it’s to fill an empty feeling long past
Or to make others feel that same emptiness despite repeated failures

It’s easy to hide behind a mask, but once the mask comes off
The pain bubbles forth, erupting in a spout of anger and rage
Vulnerability is my greatest enemy,
Threatening to expose me as I count down the seconds
Praying that no one will cast their gaze upon me

No, I have suffered from my last defeat
And I won’t let them see me for the failure that I am.


Author’s Words for Thought


“People go to the greatest of lengths to avoid facing the pain and heartache that lies within them and calling for help.”